“We are objects, not athletes. Ogle us. Desire us.”

Make me gag. Look at me, look at me. I’m not an athlete. I don’t threaten your power…Some of the captions to the September 2004: ‘Women of the Olympics” issue make me cringe to call myself an athlete. I understand the financial and social incentives for these athletes to be photographed and quoted for these articles. However, to subject yourself to the male hegemony as they have done in this article seems to give up any power they have gained through their self-assertion as an athlete.

(see article Posing for Magazines: Athlete or Sexual Plaything?)


2 responses to ““We are objects, not athletes. Ogle us. Desire us.”

  1. Speaking of title ix and modelling, you might find this other Sports Illustrated article of interest. It is by Aditi Kinkhabwala, it’s mainly about the impact of modelling and marketing on women’s sports.

    There’s some other interesting stuff in the Kinkhabwala archive.

  2. I am ‘male’ avid sports fan and by no means are these women degrading themselves. They are highly intelligent when marketing themselves to these sick, perverse, degenerate, A-holes who only want to see a tight body and some nice boobies. In the meantime, these degenerates can sign over their paychecks by supporting womens athletics and continue to add value to the sports women participate in. Women athletes are the only pure athletes left.

    Here’s one of the best quotes I have ever heard written by a fellow personal trainer I know.

    “Female athletes are my heroes because they do things with their brains and heart that the males need testosterone to do. They are fierce! This is all a good thing”. -Bob Jodoin-

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