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Sports Illustrated Covers: Post Title IX

The women on these covers are given agency through their photographic depiction by means of their strong stances and the camera angles of the photos (take from below the subjects). Acceptions to the progress these more recent photos are exemplified in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues, other model cover shots, and the cover of Anna Kournikova (photographs taken looking down onto the subjects).

the-real-dream-team-softball.jpgthe-model-dream-team.jpg In starck contrast are the “Dream Team” photos of the U.S. Softball Team and trio of models – whose “dream” do they represent? Why does a magazine devoted to sports need to create this alternative Dream Team?

anna-kournikova-tennis-is-secondary.jpgDoes the photo of Anna Kournikova, by subscribing to the depiction of the Continue reading